Streamlyn Media sets its footprint in the North American market by partnering with AdMonkey.

April 19, 2021 -

Streamlyn Media, a Singapore-based Publisher Programmatic

Media Agency, has partnered with AdMonkey, a digital media and advertising company.

This partnership will help Streamlyn Media to build its presence in North America. Inaddition, the procurement will result in a unified platform to engage and monetize the app, desktop, and mobile users.

Also, with so many mobile users worldwide, this deal will help Streamlyn reach a vast audience.

AdMonkey has one of the biggest marketplaces where ads meet their inventory. With a vast network of premium publishers in the market, AdMonkey is an excellent solution for publishers. AdMonkey’s platform offers the power to optimize for customer engagement and ad revenue.  

In addition, the company provides access to live analytics about traffic and gets the most out of it. So, whether it’s a developer, agency, or site owner, AdMonkey has suitable ads for the inventory.